Many of the Asian countries are attracting a lot of foreign investments, and Singapore is one of the frontrunners to attract foreign companies. There are many reasons why it is considered as the feasible option for establishing new businesses.

Infrastructure development and transparent business laws are some of the primary reasons why Singapore has now emerged as one of the most desirable destinations, for overseas businesses and investors. Many professionals are also seeking job opportunities in Singapore because the country offers high living standards.  They can look for a job opportunities after procuring the employment Pass (EP).

In this post we shall check out some of the Visa programs that are available for migrating to Singapore.

Employment Pass (EP) Scheme

This is the fundamental work permit provided to skilled and experienced professional employees and company owners who are willing to work in Singapore. To get this visa, there is some eligibility requirement.

As per January 01, 2017, those candidates who are drawing a fixed monthly salary of more than S$3,600 can apply for this permit. Also, he/she should pursue graduation degree from a renowned university.

One must have done a tertiary education and also have significant amount of experience as required by the hiring firm under that particular vacant post. The EP once issued, can be used to work for one to two years in Singapore. This pass is renewable to the time the candidate wants to remain employed by the company.

There is no reservation for any community in this pass scheme. Those candidates who have successfully applied and obtained this pass are also eligible to apply for Singapore permanent residence permit.

Entrepreneur Pass Scheme (EntrePass)

It one of the most important initiatives taken by the Singapore government to encourage entrepreneurs from across the world, to start their business in their country.  Businesses can apply for this pass which is valid for a period of one year, and thereafter it can be renewed for the next year.

Although this program is meant for encouraging foreign investments in Singapore, it is important for the entrepreneurs to learn about the eligibility criteria. You can also visit which is one of the credible online resources to learn everything about migrating to Singapore. They also offer expert consultation on starting new businesses, procuring work permits, and lots more.

Entrepreneurs who have started a company in the last six months or who are planning to incorporate a new company are qualified to apply for this pass. There is no special reservation for any caste under this system. Candidates who have already got this pass are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in Singapore.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) Scheme

This pass is offered to those employees who do not have any contract with a specific employer. The major advantage of holding this pass is that it allows you to easily switch between jobs without any need to re-apply for a new EP. The only requirement to avail this benefit is that a candidate should not be unemployed for more than 6 months.

As this pass is only provided to working professionals, who are tied to a third party, so it does not allow them to start their own venture or company. PEP pass is issued for three years.

There is no provision to renew it. Also, there is no quota system reserved for people of different castes for PEP. PEP pass holders are also entitled to apply for the Singapore Permanent Residence.

With this information, you can easily find the suitable work permit for you and make a flourishing career in Singapore.