Although many companies have moved their enterprise software into the cloud because it allows employees to work from more locations with more form factors, accounting software is one type of software that has resisted the move in some companies.

The primary reason that people have had concerns about putting their books online is competition. You would think that it would be concern over security because of potential theft. Although that is partly right, the real value of your information is in your contacts and what you are selling them. So if you are working online and someone gets your information, you can lose a lot of money.

Fortunately, in today’s world, cloud security is better than what you can normally provide locally over your own network. Surprisingly, the cost is also going to be lower on average because you no longer need IT people to fix individual desktop computers. Here are some other considerations to make when you start planning to move your accounting software into the cloud:

Ensure you find a solid partner:

If you have a good hosting partner, your experience should be relatively smooth. Quickbooks Enterprise with hosting software is one of the more popular ways of putting your accounting online. Not only do you get the advantages of all the same features as the local network version, you also have the ability to distribute information with a greater degree of granularity. is a good example of a company that has been providing Quickbooks in the cloud for clients for years. Customers that use their implementation can get started in a few easy steps. From that point forward, if there are any questions or snags, they can rely on the world-class support from their engineers.

Upgrade your software to handle integration:

You may have an integrated system that moves all your sales data automatically into your accounting system. If you don’t, or it is tied to an integration that won’t carry over to the cloud, it is a good idea to have engineers create integration so that you can have your data flow seamlessly to and from your accounting package in the cloud.

One frequent question is whether or not it is possible for you to use different cloud services and servers to integrate your business processes. The most common answer is, as long as you provide for security, it is no different from having an accounting server and a sales server communicating on your own network. If you choose to use popular packages, you might find it easier to get your cloud presence up and moving. One example of a popular combination is to use as your sales application and then use Quickbooks on the back end in accounting.

Choosing to move your accounting software online is an excellent idea. If you have a strong, solid partner and upgrade your other existing software capabilities to encompass the opportunity that the cloud provides you with, you should save both time and money.