Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen, the whole look of the kitchen depends on the style and design of cabinets. They are not just important because of their look but they are also important for kitchen’s to store things and other kitchen items such as crockery, grocery and many other things which are useful for kitchen work so basically it is the most functional part o the kitchen. People think a lot when they decide about the style, design and colors of these cabinets. In the past the kitchen cabinets were only being made in wood colors, they didn’t have any designs on them but now things have updated and there are two ways in which this part of the kitchen is being decorated, by painting and by staining. The purpose of the paint or stain is not just to decorate the cabinets; it also helps to protect the wood by which they have been made. This article will help you to decide the better thing between painting and staining.


If you want to a lot of choice in colors you can go for paint. You can choose between any colors but make sure that this color will also show your own personality and will affect the theme of your house very much.  Now a day’s people are nor using very bright colors, they are going for more classy look such as grays, metallic and such colors. You can choose a single paint or you can use a mixture of different paint. Painted cabinets will give a traditional look to your kitchen.


If you want to have a more luxurious kitchen with a lavish look you can go for stained cabinets. With color stain wood cabinets, you can achieve a modern look. You should keep in mind that if you are going with staining, you will not have big choice when it comes to kitchen color change but the available colors are way to classy to ignore. Color stain wood cabinets are defiantly best for kitchen in this era.