When it comes time to plan your summer vacation it’s a time of making decisions. You need to decide where you want to go, what you want to do, and most importantly, where you want to stay. Hotels have been the traditional route for many individual travelers over the years. However, vacation homes have started to take over. There are many reasons that a vacation home may be a better choice than a single hotel room. Let’s see what these reasons are below.

More Room 

This is by far the most obvious difference between a hotel room and a vacation home. A hotel room is typically big enough to hold the number of beds and a desk. This doesn’t allow you much room to relax or invite new friends over. A vacation home, on the other hand, allows for much more space where you can relax and have a common area.

Extremely Affordable 

St. Lucia vacation rentals are much more affordable than the hotels in the region. A quick comparison between home rentals and hotels will show you a clear winner. Also, the more people you invite, the cheaper the rental becomes. Vacation rentals seem to be the clear choice for any sort of group outing as the cost is driven way down.


If you enjoy taking your furry friend on your vacation adventures, we are sure we don’t need to tell you how difficult finding a pet-friendly hotel can be. If you manage to find one of these hotels, it’s very expensive as they are securing themselves from any damages that your pet may inflict during their stay. With vacation homes, pets are typically allowed for free. There are no added pet surcharges and your pet is not confined to a cramped hotel room space.


Hotels can be extremely busy places with many people coming and going. You can experience those rowdy neighbors that blare their music all night long and it can drastically alter your vacation experience. The maid will be knocking at your door every morning and you’ll have to fight people into the elevator to get on your way.

With vacation homes, you have the luxury of privacy. You don’t have to worry about those noisy neighbors, people knocking at your door, or passing tons of people on your journey out. You can be secluded into a relaxed environment with your family and/or friends without having to deal with any other people.

No Hidden Fees 

Staying at a hotel tends to always cost more than advertised. By the time you get on vacation you have the I-don’t-care attitude as you just want to relax. Hotels know this and wait to disclose information about hidden fees until you get there because they know you’re more likely to pay for it at the time. Hidden fees can include things like internet access, extra towels or pillows, and even parking. With vacation rentals, there are no hidden fees. You simply get what you paid for and you don’t have to spend another cent.

As you can see, there are many advantages to renting a vacation home as to booking a hotel room. It’s important to realize the traditional vacationing mindset has shifted from hotels to home rentals. When you’re ready for a relaxing and unwinding vacation, your best bet for a stress-free time is to stay at an affordable vacation home where you don’t need to worry.