There was a time when unfinished hardwood floor was being installed in houses and buildings. The installers used to stain and polish the floor after installing them but now there are many manufacturers who are selling pre finished wood floors. These floors have been finished before installation and are being treated by different products, which prevent any damage because of dust and stain and also from water damage.

There are many benefits of installing these floors in your houses. The manufacturers are using very hard chemicals and sealers to protect the wood from any damage and that has increased the life of the wood and also its beauty and color. Some of these sealers cannot be applied on site and can be dangerous till they are not dry. The installation time of this type of floor is also less than unfinished floor because it has been already treated and there is no need to give it any finish and polishing. The only task of the installer is to install it and give it a little bit polishing.

The unfinished wood also needs sanding which can be very messy and do it in the house can ruin the whole look of the house and make it look very dirty. The dust, which occurs in the result of sanding is very hard to remove from the house completely. The polish also leaves a very bad odor in the house and the chemicals can be dangerous for the health of people.

It is also easier to maintain these looks because the seal that is being used is also powerful than the regular type of seal. These floors are less expensive and messy. Still, after some time these floors also require refinishing hardwood floors and it is important to hire professionals for this task.  The manufacturers who are making pre finished wood floors are also selling Nhance Etobicoke.