Modern lifestyles are hectic and for most professionals and business owners, years are passing by in a blur. It is no wonder then that most people are reaching the peak of their productive years having not built a solid financial plan. This is a huge risk because anything can happen today and without any financial plan, your life will be totally devastated.  This is where the services of a qualified fee-only financial planner will come in handy.


Why a Fee Only Financial Advisor?

Of course there are many other types of advisors who can offer financial advice but there are many reasons to opt for a fee only financial advisor.  This is a registered investment advisor who has a responsibility to act in your best interests as the client. 

The main difference between a fee only financial advisor and other types of financial advisors is the fact that they don’t charge any fees or compensation based on product sales. In essence, they will not try to force a financial product down your throat just to get a commission.

This means your financial advisor has fewer conflicts of interest meaning the major focus in your financial success. These professionals are registered by The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) which oversees ethics and competence among members.

A fee only financial advisor St Louis will not sell actual financial products such as mutual funds but will instead recommend which you can then implement. You will pay this expert a yearly fee for their services.  In summary, this type of financial advisor is more professional and acts in your best interests.

They look at the bigger picture and not just their own commissions. They offer total wealth management by touching on all areas of financialplanning including estate planning, retirement, insurance planning, tax issues and much more.

Leveraging the Services of Fee Only Financial Advisors

Whatever your current financial situation, a fee only financial advisorwill come in handy. These experts will help you think through your financial decisions, create a plan on how to implement such plans and helps manage your financial life. By using their evidence-based financial advice, it is easier to grow your wealth and avoid risky get-rich-quickly schemes.

Your fee only financial advisor St Louis will leverage modern technology and help through evidence-based investing to guarantee your financial decisions pay off. 

At Modern Dollar Planning, LLC, you will get a dedicated fee only financial advisor who will act in your best interests.