The PMI agile certified practitioner officially recognizes the knowledge and skills of Agile principles. This course would help you to shine brighter in front of your employer, peers and stakeholders. The PMI-ACP is now the fastest growing certification course. The organizations which have more agile efficient employees can usually complete a larger amount of their projects successfully. The PMI-ACP coursewould help you learn all the approaches that the PMI ACP uses such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, extreme programming and Test driven Developments. This will enable you to tackle the problems of any projects you receive irrespective of its size. The organizations adopting agile systems should have their employees taking the PMI ACP courses, so that they can perform and manage their projects well. We provide the student with hands on experience and evidence to the real world. This course will guide you and prepare you for the certification exam by the PMI. The examination would contain 120 multiple choice questions to complete within 3 hours. The required study materials would be provided for your practice.

Benefits of obtaining PMI-ACP certification

Gaining a PMI ACP certification is very much beneficial to any individual who is interested in Agile management. Benefits are mentioned below:

  • The certified ACP individual would gain knowledge and skills on Agile tools which would help the employees working in a company.
  • This certification course would act as a proof that you are professionally trained and shows your professional capabilities.
  • This course would help you to learn more about practical techniques about planning and estimating the cost of the project.
  • This certification PMI ACP courseincreases your knowledge in agile technologies. This knowledge would help you increase team productivity.

Explore the agile concepts with Agile management workshop

The agile management workshop has been designed in a session manner. Each session would cover the following topics:

  • Technical review and overview of the research in to the topic area.
  • Applying practical knowledge in management principles with the help of case studies, worked out examples and interactive classes.
  • Discussion of the implementation of the project plans in an efficient manner.

The Agile management workshop helps you to prepare about the project initiation and foundation. This workshop would enable you to determine project justifications and also help you to analyze different metrics. It provides the skill of creating a strong vision of the project. We provide this course so that the students can identify the various managing techniques with the stakeholders. This workshop helps you create your own ideal agile project team.


Who should attend this workshop?

Emerging and current leaders who are from any variety of business who are looking forward to gain more knowledge and understanding about the Agile Project management should attend this workshop. Some of the other persons who can attend the Agile management workshop are as follows:

  • Project directors and managers.
  • Program managers.
  • Portfolio directors and managers.
  • Operations manager.
  • Project consultant.
  • Business analyst.
  • Team leaders.
  • Project management Professionals (PMP).
  • Project Consulting managers.
  • Project Officers.