Home owners have to be dependent on estate agents for their physical assets. They are also responsible for taking care of the rental income on behalf of the home owners. Apart from this, they will help collect security deposit and reserve funds for payments. When renting your Sobha International City Property you may need to hire the services of genuine estate agent. To ensure smooth relationship, you have to build trust and accountability from your estate agent. He moment you want to hire the services of one such agent, you may have to look into the follow issues.

Owners payment issues

Before you hand over the home to them you have to ensure that date on which they shall hand over the rentals to you every month. You also have to ask if they will provide you with advance or back payments every month. Also try and make enquiry about the mode of payment, via bank account or cash. It is best to enquire if they are willing to provide you with direct deposit option or not.

Tax issues

Regarding the tax settlement, it is advisable to collect more information if they shall provide you with complete accountability or not that will help you save tax. They can also provide you with tax deduction information for your home and rentals.

Accounting factor

When hiring it is certain that you need to collect information related to maintaining your accounts. It is important that all documents be maintained every month for the rentals. This will help in the process of auditing and save your money and time. It is certain that the moment you hire the services of Sobha International City agents, try and select one who is willing to provide you with all possible invoices. This is important when settling down legal issues.

Reporting issues

When you select any estate agent for your property always ensure that they will provide you with all reports on regular basis. Try and select one who is willing to present with report on monthly basis related to payments and collections. If the company is wiling to offer you with online facilities then it is an advantage as it will save your time. You can also maintain the reports on your computer as hard and soft copy.

Maintaining your security deposit

This is an important factor as it will help you cover loses from tenants during vacating. It is important that your estate agent should offer you with convenience of handling security deposits on behalf of your tenants. You can keep it as fixed deposit in the bank and can be used by you when required. Before signing up you have to ensure how your agent will take care of your deposits. You should have the convenience of using the amount for covering the loses of repairs and maintenance. Your agent has to maintain a complete record of it to provide details to the tenants.

Your estate agent should be cooperative with you and the tenant in all aspects. At time of need he should be able to provide you with services needed. You can look around for details of services provided by dlf Magnolias Gurgaon agents and then decide.