Hosting providers may offer a wide range of services including email hosting accounts to commercial customers. Private or white-label services offer exceptional products to web hosting or telecommunications companies that couldinclude an advanced webmail client with an assortment of customizable options and integrated features on every level. In turn, these companies may be enabled to provide exceptional webmail services and a professional email address to business users looking for internet communications solutions. It is up to each client company which additional features they would like to include as part of these packages or upsell as premium options for their users.

Hosting Account Services

Even though many email providers currently offer various packages of services to users, many business customers are primarily interested in an email hosting account that can offer a wide range of integrated tools for efficiency and productivity, a solid service-level agreement, and a reliably high level of guaranteed uptime. A white-label email platform can allow companies the option to rebrand and offer enterprise-level services to their own customers, including individual professionals and small businesses.

An established hosting provider can offer a variety of additional services including managed email migration to a new professional email address. Relocating numerous emails and data from one hosting account to another can be a highly involved task and therefore a desirable service to offer to customers. Some hosting account providers offer these specialized services that can pave the way toward customers starting up and managing new professional inboxes. The account provider can make a wide range of support services available to the company that is relying upon and marketing their services in order to enable them to deliver the best business user experience possible.

Premium Email Features

In addition to services, a white-label hosting account provider could offer many benefits and features to the companies that are selling their services. Most customers desire an email account accessible through a web client and connected with a useful suite of integrated tools that are all oriented toward maximum productivity. Task and project management utilities and a range of sizes of cloud storage can both be strong selling points for business email accounts.

Theseand other integrated features have become industry-standard for webmail providers over the last several years. Users may expect to be able to simultaneously manage multiple inboxes, refer to status indicators that suggest whether a user is free or busy, update integrated calendars and social media, and rely on advanced anti-abuse or spamming systems. A hosting account provider can allow companies to pass on these desirable services on to their customers.

Availability and Reliability

The best email hosting account services are set apart by a high level of guaranteed uptime and expert service as well as extensive experience managing a large number of hosting accounts. Look for white-label email hosting services that are well-established as part of a large and stable hosting model and offer desirable features and services. This approach to hosting accounts and email services can benefit from multiple tiers of support as well as these providers’ enterprise-level hosting capabilities.