It is a fact that a majority of the workers do not like their current jobs.

Most of the polls show that over 70% of people do not like what they do for a living. The main reason being the job is not their dream job. But how many people are lucky to land their dream jobs?

Only a small percentage enjoys what they do. But landing your dream jobs is not an impossible task as many tries to portray. Land your dream job quickly with these great tips:

  1. Dress to impress

Making a first impression is essential if you want to land your dream job.  You need to dress to impress whoever you are meeting with and make sure that you take care of yourself.  If you don’t own the right attire, remember that you can always rent suits online.

  1. Know yourself

Figuring out who you are and what you need is the first thing that you should do before applying for your dream job. It is important to note that jobs and personality go hand in hand. You need first evaluate yourself and figure out what your personality is.

Once you get a clear understanding of your personality, look at your interest and find out if the job at hand is your dream job. For instance, if you love talking with people (extrovert), a marketing job would be the perfect dream job for you. If you are an introvert, your dream job should be in the IT and related jobs that require minimum distraction.

3. Learn how to network

Mastering the art of networking is one of the quickest ways of landing your dream job. In fact, a good number of people working in some of the prestigious companies and positions never applied for the job. They got it through someone they met or someone who knew that they were looking for a job.

Go out there and create networks particularly with people who have positions in areas of your interest. Let them know what you can do and what you are looking for. You never know how their network is or they know.

4. Hone your skills

Skillset is everything in the job market. Any employer will be interested in an employee who can deliver to their maximum. Honing skills is all about getting experience in the field of your specialization. It will be difficult to land your dream job if you do not have experience even if you have good papers. For instance, if you are an electrical engineer and your dream is to be a senior engineer, you must show experience to handle this job.

You need to start from the bottom as you go up the ladder. In short, you must be working in this area to hone your skills as you wait for the dream job to come your way. Skills trump everything.

5. Pay little attention to money

Money is a reward for delivering the service. One mistake that many job seekers make is putting a lot of attention on the money factor while applying for the jobs. A huge number of them go for posts that pay huge salaries and not because of the passion that they have. If you put money first, then you will never realize your dream job.

Your dream job should be driven by the passion for working in that field. It should be a calling. Passion enables you to deliver your best, and the employer will recognize this. If your output is excellent, it will not take long before your starting salary is evaluated.

6. Be flexible

The job market if highly dynamic and you need to very flexible. Jobs keep changing, and thus you need to be in touch with the market to what and when to make adjustments or improvements to remain competitive. For instance, the IT job requirements 5 years ago will not be the same now.

Technology has advanced within that period, and if you haven’t improved or adjusted to changes, you might be irrelevant today. The flexibility should also be seen your ability to work in different conditions and on different tasks related to your field of specialization. Also, make sure that you are highly adaptable and quick learners since they are the key traits that many employers are looking for.

7. Use social media positively

Your social media accounts might be the block between you and your dream. People have ignorantly been using their social media account for all manners of things. Many employers are going for these platforms to check on the integrity of their employees. Use these platforms to build your brand and not taint your personality.

These are some of the main ways on how you can land your dream job. You just need to be smart and find the means to make yourself stand out from the rest. Keep your head up high always and never give up.