In today’s economic environment, acting quickly and professionally is vital to the success of any business. If it is efficient, the ability to transport cargo from one country to another is one of the things that help keep many companies above the competition.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to ship goods to or from a foreign country without the advice and assistance of an experienced parcel forwarding service provider. Professional parcel forwarding service providers can make shipping packages a lot easier and much quicker by acting as intermediaries and handling everything related to the transportation process.

International parcel forwarding service providers specialize in moving goods to and from foreign destinations. Although you can learn how international package forwarding works by visiting, the agent’s knowledge of every element related to overseas transportation is the main advantage of engaging a professional freight forwarder. Global parcel forwarding agents are familiar with shipping methods, import and export regulations of foreign countries, and the documentation required for international trade.

Now that we all know the importance of choosing the right international parcel forwarding service, here’s a look at what to look for in a provider.

Their network
In actual sense, this is the main reason why most businesses use the services of professional freight forwarders. Global companies need parcel forwarding service providers capable of accommodating the scope and size of their shipments. Most of the professional forwarding companies specialize in imports and exports, but only from specific countries. For delivery or pickup services in other nations, most of them rely on a network of overseas offices, agents, or sister companies. As such, the better the connections, the better the prices and services offered.

Their communication
When it comes to engaging the services of a freight forwarder, you’ll want an agent you can trust to handle your goods. Since parcel forwarders are logistics service providers, transparent and regular communication is of uttermost importance. If it takes days to get a quote before shipment, getting a status update on delayed cargo will most likely take longer, and this might affect your business negatively. You need a provider that’s easy to get a hold of in case something goes wrong at the warehouse or if the ship is running late.

Their specialization
If you want to ship from Africa, a parcel forwarding service provider that specializes in shipping from Brazil isn’t your best option. Additionally, many providers do not deal with the same commodities, ship to every part of the world, or handle oversized shipments. You’ll, therefore, need a specialized shipper if you are shipping specific types of goods like bulk liquids, cars, or grains.

The international parcel forwarding industry is based almost entirely on relationships. As such, good parcel forwarding service providers should have a lot of references. Looking at client reviews is one of the best ways to be sure you are not picking a company from the dark. For this reason, professional parcel forwarding companies usually have reviews from all of their clients on their websites.